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Wysłany: 2017-09-30, 13:43 WERSJA CS2D

Dołączył: 26 Lip 2017
Posty: 118
Skąd: Gdańsk

Hej dziś w nocy miała miejsce premiera nowej wersji cs2d z numerkiem, prawdopodobnie jest to ostatni update gry przed wersją stream, poniżej wrzucam wam PATCH NOTE oraz link do pobrania gierki.


FIXED U.S.G.N. password file related console errors when not having entered any U.S.G.N. password
FIXED Lua hook "log" was not invoked with actual log text when equal subsequent logs were bundled
FIXED Turret range was too small for the new widescreen game resolution
FIXED Low quality smoke grenade particles were drawn under the player
FIXED Toilet and sink objects were disappearing near the screen corners
FIXED FPS influenced Animations, projectiles, particles and effects speed
FIXED 20ms player input delay
FIXED Shutdown when then the game reached low fps
FIXED Losing connection when loading advanced radar
FIXED Crash when using non-default sound drivers
FIXED After tabbing out and returning whole game was hidden by radar texture
FIXED Flashlight freezing after player death and other circumstances in the map
FIXED Screen flickering and game freeze when using radar (OpenGL)
FIXED Game showed error when loading gfx/buildings.png under certain circumstances
FIXED Projectiles disappearing after landing on obstacles
FIXED English translation is now hardcoded in game binary, fixing some bugs when no translation is present
FIXED Mapcycle commands were not handled properly when they contained strings with { or }
FIXED equip command now works properly with armors
FIXED strip command now works with armors (armor is set to 0 whenever stripping any armor)
FIXED Changing a huge number of tiles at once with settile should not trigger disconnects anymore
FIXED Critical error with logbatch setting having no effect at all
FIXED Crash when config.cfg file is missing
CHANGED Crosshair now scales smoothly (with float instead of int precision) if ch_autoscale is 1
CHANGED Optimized low-detail fog
CHANGED Better and smoother hostage skins
CHANGED Player is drawn over obstacle shadow
CHANGED Wall cast shadows over obstacles
CHANGED Lighting engine version 3.0 (greater performance and more detailed lighting effects)
CHANGED Console warning message when map background files are missing
CHANGED Player health in spectator HUD is now colored (green/yellow/red depending on value)
CHANGED Improved scoreboard with 2 columns, more icons etc.
CHANGED Camera movement in spectator follow mode is now more smooth
CHANGED FPS lock increased from 50 to 60
CHANGED Some UI elements are now anti-aliased
CHANGED Chat text length limit is now 35 characters
CHANGED Profiler has a better UI
CHANGED Pressing ESC now closes the console if it is opened
CHANGED Map cycle (sys/mapcycle.cfg) is now cached and only loaded once when loading a new map as server
CHANGED Server list is now sorted by players on server by default (instead of latency)
CHANGED Better vote menu which shows current number of votes and maps which can be voted for
CHANGED You can now votekick for players of all teams (except spectators)
CHANGED Now also the player hosting a listen server can participate in voting
CHANGED "Offline / LAN" option renamed to "Hide Server (unlisted)" to clarify its meaning
CHANGED Triggers glow influences lighting
CHANGED Already selected text inputs do not flash anymore when clicking them again to place the cursor
CHANGED Spectator interface is scaled along with hud scaling parameters
CHANGED Player spectator button now displays health and armor icons
ADDED Mouse option "Filtered Crosshair" for selecting drawing mode between masked and alpha blending
ADDED Voice Chat option: "Mute all when joining server"
ADDED "Restore Default" controls button in the options
ADDED Crosshair size selection and preview in the options
ADDED Hud messages text shadow
ADDED SteamID bans
ADDED Scoreboard context menu (open with right mouse button)
ADDED Background for death notice messages that highlights your kills
ADDED Server Commands: sv_assist
ADDED Server Commands: sv_mvp
ADDED Command: sb_avatars
ADDED Command: sb_shortcuts
ADDED Command: sb_id
ADDED Command: sb_score
ADDED Command: sb_assists
ADDED Command: sb_death
ADDED Command: sb_ranks
ADDED Command: sb_ping
ADDED Command: sb_mvp
ADDED Command: sb_flags
ADDED Command: sb_mutevoice
ADDED Command: sb_hidehud
ADDED Command: sb_maxresolution
ADDED Steam and U.S.G.N. avatars in the scoreboard (Steam avatar has a priority to be shown over USGN)
ADDED Lua commmand "player" now has "steamid" and "steamname" parameters to get information about connected Steam user
ADDED Lua commmand "player" now has "mousex" and "mousey" parameters to get cursor position in 850*480 view space
ADDED Lua commmand "player" now has "usgnname"
ADDED Steam login state is now displayed in the main menu
ADDED File cache for avatars, radarmaps and minimaps (does not download/generate same files multiple times)
ADDED Voice chat
ADDED Script command setweapon now also accepts item names instead of type IDs only (like equip, strip & spawnitem)
ADDED Non-rotated 3D tile property wall textures option in tile properties
ADDED UTF-8 Support for team chat
ADDED Customizable size for hud symbols, texts and icons
ADDED Customizable size and scale for radar
ADDED Map transfer shows additional loading bar for overall files progress
ADDED Advanced - Simple radar support radar color settings
ADDED hud_autoscale option (enabled by default)
ADDED ch_autoscale enables automatic pointer scaling
ADDED ch_manualscale scales cursor by the value (when using ch_autoscale 0)
ADDED Higher resolution hud symbol, numbers, radar and icon images
ADDED Spark effect for knife and machete when hitting walls/obstacles
ADDED Spark effect for laser
ADDED env_light rotation offset property
ADDED env_room position offset property
ADDED env_room color transparency property
ADDED env_sprite "affect lighting" property
ADDED Bomb planting animation and sound
ADDED Dynamic recoil server filter
ADDED Error log output when saving stats fails
ADDED Lua command "game" now has a "sysfolder" parameter (gets the used sys folder)
ADDED Masked/filtered blending mode option for pointer
ADDED Optional detail minimap
ADDED Lua hook "vote" can now use return to cancel vote actions
ADDED logmaxflushrate setting (how frequently in millseconds can logs be flushed = written to drive, default 1000 ms)
REMOVED Info_OldRender hidden from editor entity list because it's deprecated and not working properly anymore

LINK : http://www.unrealsoftware.de/game_cs2d.php
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Wysłany: 2017-10-03, 12:02

Dołączyła: 28 Lip 2017
Posty: 16

Wygląda to obiecująco :D
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Wysłany: 2017-10-03, 16:07

Dołączył: 26 Lip 2017
Posty: 118
Skąd: Gdańsk

Jest jeszcze sporo do naprawy oraz rzeczy do wprowadzenia ale fakt idzie to w dobrym kierunku
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Wysłany: 2017-11-23, 12:30

Dołączył: 18 Lis 2017
Posty: 27

Chyba dziś jakaś mała aktualizacja była cs'a 2d na steam

[ Dodano: 2017-12-02, 13:58 ]
Chyba nie tylko ja zauważyłem bug ? W którym strzelasz cały magazynek w typa, on dostaje max 3 strzały, albo - opis sytuacji który powtarzał się x razy... Typek afczy podchodzę do niego jak najbliżej się da i ładuje cały magazynek prosto w niego (z m4) Pada po 28 strzale.
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Wysłany: 2017-12-02, 16:31

Dołączył: 26 Lip 2017
Posty: 118
Skąd: Gdańsk

Wojak ustaw sobie w opcjach grafiki wlaczony tryb graficzny directX. Odznaczonym vsync
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